I’m a full time mom for two little girls, and I love staying home with them more than anything in the world. But I still need Me time, still need something to keep my sanity. In July 2013, a friend talked me into recording Minecraft for youtube, and I’ve really enjoyed it! I’ve since moved on to streaming, and do my best to encourage the community, because the people that I’ve met through this venture are simply amazing.

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MW Tardis

You can play on the Graph & Mk subserver if you’re a patron or stream sub to either (or both!) of us. Here are the links you need to do that. Whitelisting happens after the 5th of every month.

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Artists I’ve commissioned


I do my best to support artists, every chance I get. Here are a few that I’ve commissioned, and I believe in. I don’t know the status of commissions for each of these, because it changes regularly, but it never hurts to ask. Make sure you tell them I sent you. Also, thank you to Jimmy for putting this website together for me. Is beautiful. Is good. Is happy. <3