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I’ve been playing Minecraft since March 2012. My daughter has been watching Minecraft since March 2012, and started

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Off The Deep End: I notice you.

I’m a member of the SMB server, a private friends’ server that streams on twitch every week. I’d been a fan of the server for a long time, then by a roundabout way became friends with the core members, and am now a member too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. The last few weeks’ streams have ended with what is becoming known as SMB Deep End, where we talk about some pretty serious topics. I love these

All the Milestones

This website was assembled several months after my youtube “career” started off (October 2013). I’ve hit so many milestones since! I was blessed to get to go to Minecon, where I overcame some social anxieties, made several new friends, and celebrated the growth of my channel. Within a week, I’d nearly doubled my youtube followers, and celebrated by blowing up the map featured in my horrible first video.. That’s when I began to realize that this new hobby was becoming

Redstone 201

I love redstone. No, I really do! It’s challenging, frustrating, and rewarding. It’s just complicated enough to keep tons of technical players busy inventing and explaining it away. I’m not an inventor, though. I don’t know the workings well enough to just up and do what I want to do, and I rarely see a need for something that’s not already been invented. What I do, instead, is spend a lot of time watching tutorials, and testing out designs for