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I’ve been playing Minecraft since March 2012. My daughter has been watching Minecraft since March 2012, and started

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The DorkDance

I often admit to dorkdancing on twitter, because I dorkdance often. We listen to happy music almost all day, every day. And sometimes that happy music bids us to dance. So we do. Happy, carefree, all out dancing. I think it’s important for my daughters to see their parents relax and not care what people think, and just dance it up. Regularly. So, we do. Anyways, people didn’t believe me, and called for video proof. This is it.

Moonlight 8 // Death Maze of Death

Tango finished enough of his attraction on the Moon that we could all try it out. Sarc, impulse, & Zed all tried it out, with varying success. I, however, ragequit. Twice. Between record lag, exhaustion, and frustration.. when Tango offered to help me through it, I agreed. I’m glad I did, because the puzzle bit of his game was quite lovely, and I’m almost ready to try again. Almost.

Off the Deep End: #WeGotYou

I’m a member of the SMB server, a private friends’ server that streams on twitch every week. I’d been a fan of the server for a long time, then by a roundabout way became friends with the core members, and am now a member too. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Contentment. What does mean? Is it truly attainable? How? Oh, me. This one’s really deep, really personal, really important. If there’s anything that one can learn by listening to